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From a technical point of view, site selection is very important for project investment and development. In simple terms, the smaller the storm, the smaller the risk and the shorter the investment recovery period.

At present, the technology of marine photovoltaic is still in its infancy. How to control risks and optimize investment from the technical level still needs more basic research and exploration.

The photovoltaic technology of inland water surface at home and abroad is relatively mature, and many investors are eager to “go to the sea”, hoping to apply the technical solution of inland water surface photovoltaic, but in fact it is almost impossible.

In the follow-up, it is necessary to strengthen the integration of multiple fields, especially to strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and relevant universities and research institutes, to make the “cake” of offshore photovoltaic bigger and stronger, and to promote the healthy development of the offshore photovoltaic industry.阳光浮体logo1

Post time: Apr-25-2022