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The basic advantages of floating photovoltaics are well known. In areas with high population density, especially in areas with fierce competition for available land, you can see that floating photovoltaics are making progress. East India is a perfect example. Linking floating photovoltaics with large reservoirs built for hydropower can make floating photovoltaics close to existing power transmission infrastructure or close to demand centers such as water treatment plants. This is another advantage that promotes the development of floating photovoltaics.

Due to the cooling effect of water and the reduction of dust, floating photovoltaic projects have obvious advantages in improving energy output. Calculated with a life expectancy of 25 years, these advantages help to narrow the initial cost gap with terrestrial solar, which usually accounts for 10-15% of the initial cost.

Quite simply, floating photovoltaics fill the energy demand that solar energy cannot meet. In some places, in order to install ground solar energy, it is necessary to obtain a large amount of land, which is a problem. By combining with existing resources, such as thermal power plants or hydropower plants, power generation will become more efficient.阳光浮体logo1

Post time: Mar-07-2022