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Tilt Kit Front And Rear Legs

Short Description:

BROAD Tilt kit front and rear legs can be highly pre-assembly with the clamp and tilt leg to ensure a fast and easy installlation process.
  • item no.:BROAD tilt legs
  • lead time:within 2 weeks
  • brand:BROAD
  • shipping port:Xiamen,China
  • payment:TT
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Snow Load:Up to 200cm
  • Wind Speed:Up to 60m/s
  • Install Site:pitched or flat roofs

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BROAD tilt kit front and rear legs with adjustable tilt angels from 10-60 this mounting system can easily tilt a ideal certain angle with roof, it provides excellent adaptability not only to a wide range of flat roof PV mounting projects but also some sloped roof solar mounting projects. Welcome to customized by your own design.

roof mounting system


1. Aluminum material with clear anodized

2. Applied to metal roof with self-tapping screws or flat concrete roof with expansion bolts.

3. Tilt angle can be adjustable and customized design 10deg fixed angle,15-30deg,30-45deg tilt angle.


  Tilt kits components  

adjustable tilt front and rear legs

  Why to choose BROAD  

  • 10years warranty and more than 25years duration for products.
  • Tilt legs can be adjustable between 0-60deg tilt angle.
  • Feel free to discuss any query about solar mounting systems.



Q1 : What’s the advantage of installing solar panel on pitch roof?

A1 : The biggest advantage of installing photovoltaic panel on pitch roof is that the effect of building integration is obvious, that is to say, it is very close to the roof, which will not affect the beauty of the house at all, but also make the roof become high-tech.


Q2 : What roof pitch is best for solar?

A2 : There is no need to increase the support and calculate the tilt angle when installing photovoltaic panel on pitch roof. When installing, it can be laid according to the tilt angle of the roof itself, and the installation capacity is not affected by the area. For example, if 3KW is installed on the flat roof, it needs 30 square meters, and the pitch roof is 20 square meters. Due to the large slope, it can also play the effect of automatic cleaning power station.






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