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Carbon Steel Mount On Ground Screws

Short Description:

The carbon steel ground solar mounting system with ground screw as foundationsis suitable for medium-sized and large scale commercial solar projects.
  • item no.:BROAD GS3 Mount
  • lead time:within 10 working days
  • product orgin:Xiamen,China
  • brand:BROAD
  • payment:TT
  • Material:Carbon steel
  • Snow Load:up to 200mm
  • Wind Speed:up to 60m/s
  • Foundation Type:ground screw

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This ground mounting system is suitable for both residential projects and commercial projects. The surface treatmenet is hot-dip galvanized with the average thickness of the zinc layer is 80μm. It’s compatible with most of the frame and frameless PV modules in the market.

focus on solar mounting structure


1. Carbon steel mounting with ground screw as foundations with low cost.

2. Components are to produce massively with high standard within a short production cycle, which realizing minimized production cost.

3. 100% galvanized steel mounting system.


Carbon steel mount on ground screw

module mounting structure


Steel solar PV mounting systems


BROAD solar is dedicated in providing most economic and reliable solar mounting solutions, with its main focus on R&D, marketing and after-sales service. Our products are highly welcome in Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Parkistan, Mexico, etc. Welcome your inquiry!



Q1 : How do you install ground screws?

A1 : The construction process of ground screw is mainly divided into three stages: preparation before construction, construction stage and completion acceptance stage.


Q2 : Can solar panels be mounted vertically?

A2 : You absolutely can. Solar panels can be installed in landscape or portrait orientation. Our design is according to your requirement.


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