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R&D (Research and Development Department)

1.Who are they in your R&D team? And what are their backgrounds?

We're shared two R&D teams by our parent company.They're all professional in the PV field with backgrounds in listed companies.

2.What is your inspiration for your company's products?

Green energy, clean energy and save energy.

3.What is the range of product application?

This product is designed for ponds, inner lakes, rivers, reservoirs and any other places with water resources and sunlight.

4.Do you have service for custom LOGO on your products?


5. How often should your company's products be updated?

Within a year and a half.

6. What is the requirement for your product specification?

Generally for snow load, wind speed, buoyancy, and shallowest water depth.

7.Can your company identify your own products?

Yes, they're with blow-molded logos -SUNFLOATING

8. What are your plans for your new arrivals?

We have molded for aluminum structures and carbon steel structures to meet different customer's needs

9. What are our advantages compared to our counterparts?

Multi-sizes of solar panels are suitable for our products

10.What are the specific materials? And How to manufacture?

HDPE;Blow molding

11.How long does it take for molding ?

In general, It’s with1 month. Or depending on actual projects

12. Does your company need extra fees for molding?

If the customer needs to customize, it will be charged depended on the cost of the mold.What if the order amount is much more than 1 million, the molding fees can be returned.

Production Processing&Quality Control

1. How do you process your product ?

Drawing→ Mold → Blow molding → Deburring →Surface Finishing → Assembly → Quality Inspection → Packing

2. What is the capacity with our molding machine?

A single buoy product generally can be produced per around 4 minutes

3. What is the normal production lead time ?

It depends on the order volume and is generally within 45-60 days

4. What is the scale of your factory?

We are the one of leading blow molding plants in Xiamen. Our annual output value is more than 60 million

5. Do have any testing equipment?

Yes, we purchase related assistant equipment to maintain machines running and normal production with our QC department.

6.What is the structure of your QC department? And QC standard?

At Sun Floating, we have professional staff members for IQC, PQC and OQC ;The product will be processed as the drawings and have customer's confirmation before shipment

7.Do you have any after-sales services?

Yes, we support installation introductions for each project and offer consultation service and solutions in use process if anything to product quality problems

QA(Quality Assurance)

1. What certifications has your company passed?


2. Do you own any patents, or other IP?

The main buoy is being registered for intellectual property rights

3. How do you make your product safe and quality-guaranteed?

The buoyancy of universal buoys that have been tested is greater than159kg/mm2, and the main float is greater than 120kg/mm2 

Payment terms

What’s your payment terms?

We can accept the payment by T/T or L/C. And we make a discussion if other requirements