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Flat roof ballasted solar mount structures

Short Description:

Ballasted mounting systems are designed without penetration on rooftop or pouring of concretes. Specially suitable for residential concrete roof power station.
  • item no.:BROAD Ballasted
  • lead time:within 2 weeks
  • brand:BROAD
  • shipping port:Xiamen,China
  • payment:TT
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Snow Load:Up to 200cm
  • Wind Speed:Up to 60m/s
  • Install Site:Concrete roof

Product Detail

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BROAD roof solar mounting brackets have been treated with high quality anti-corrosion treatment and is suitable for installation in harsh weather conditions with long service life.



ballasted mount structure without penetration

  Installation steps  

ballast foundation solar mounting systems


1. No penetration on the concrete roofs.

2. Adjustable tilt angle for ballasted triangle brackets.

3. Aluminum material for structure with good strength to withstand the heavy wind and snow.


  Samples in our factory  

flat roof ballast solar structure

  Why to choose BROAD  

  • 10years warranty and more than 25years duration for products.
  • Welcome to OEM for ballasted triangle brackets for your solar projects.
  • Feel free to discuss any query about solar mounting systems.



Q1 : Are solar panels bad for your roof?

A1 : Solar panels or mountings don’t damage your roof when installed properly.
For most homeowners, installing solar panels will not result in roof damage as long as you choose the right mounting solution.


Q2 : Can you put solar on a flat roof?

A2 : Yes. BROAD triangle bracket is your best choice. You can put solar panels on a flat roof with triangle bracket landscape or portrait orientation.






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