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Environmental protection began to blow-molded pallets, setting off a new upsurge in global purchases

The survey shows that in recent years, plastic pallets have been extensively developed in the global logistics industry. The German research company Ceresana released a study saying that it is expected that the global plastic pallet market consumption will increase to 46.2 million tons by 2021. In other non-logistics industries around the world, plastic pallets will experience explosive growth after all. At present, plastic bottles are still the main container type. Among the product categories of plastic pallets, plastic bottles still occupy the main position, and the annual consumption is relatively large.

At present, the application of plastic bottles in several major beverage markets has been saturated. Coupled with environmental reasons, it is expected that the demand for bottled water will decline, and the growth rate of demand for plastic bottles will slow down in the next few years. . In the food and beverage market, the demand for biodegradable bottled products with smaller specifications is showing an increasing trend, which will be good news for the promotion of the plastic pallet market. As the application market and enterprises are striving to develop lighter products to reduce container costs and improve environmental performance, the growth rate of resin consumption will also slow down. In addition, the market share of plastic pallets is expected to further expand after 2016. Freedonia Group, a well-known market research organization in the United States, recently issued a report saying that the current annual consumption of plastic pallets in China is 1.1 billion. In the next few years, the use of plastic pallets will continue to grow, and it is estimated that my country’s plastic pallet consumption will reach 2.6 billion in 2017. The agency said that the reason why plastic pallets will replace wooden pallets as the new favorite in the market in just a few years is because the pallets have excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance and flame retardancy.

In recent years, the demand for plastic pallets in the transportation sector has increased year by year. According to a manufacturer of plastic pallets, compared with other materials, plastic pallets are lightweight and can reduce oil consumption during transportation, thereby saving transportation costs for commodity manufacturers. In order to better cater to market demand, Zhihao Plastic Industry has been committed to the research and development of new plastic pallets. Compared with traditional plastic pallets, this new alloy plastic pallet is made of renewable PE materials, and has greatly improved appearance design and safety performance, which will better cater to the needs of the market.

Post time: Aug-25-2021