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Mesh fence for solar power plant

Short Description:

Good quality and beauty appearance fence can apply in large solar plant site.Metal Mesh Protect Solar Ground mounting systems Farm.
  • item no.:Solar Park Fence
  • lead time:Within 12 working days
  • product orgin:CHINA
  • brand:BROAD
  • shipping port:Xiamen,China
  • payment:TT
  • color:white/green/brown

Product Detail

Product Tags

  Solar Park Fence  

solar fence for solar parks


  Component List  

aluminum solar park fence


Mesh Fence is generally suitable for large solar power plants, beautiful appearance and can ensure the safety of power plants.


 Technology Parameter  



Support Space



Circular tube 48mm, 40*40mm


PVC coating, galvanized(colors:white,green, brown)

Embedded(common), flange and plug bolt


  Packing Details  

solar fence for ground

  Why to choose BROAD  

  • 10 years warranty and more than 25 years duration for products.
  • OEM design for solar mount or customized aluminum extrusion is welcome.
  • Feel free to discuss any query about solar mounting systems.



Q1: What is solar fencing systems?

A1: A solar fence works like an electric fence which delivers a brief yet fierce shock when human beings or animals come in contact with the fence. BROAD solar fence can be PVC coating or galvanized.




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